6 Dec 2018 - Last tips and changes

Hello, it's only 1 day to start and we have some other changes and tips for you:

- client is available in download section
- due to extra stats system(limit 50 before reborn) we decided to unlock max level limit to do reborn, so on this edition there will be no max level when you have to do reborn(!)
- in train points there is now 1 more limitation: max skill = lvl/3, which means 120 level can have 40 train points
- we added a little exp for training energy skill, not much but might be useful in early game
- senzu and senzu roots have the same exhaust, so you cannot use them both on the same time, red senzu have diffrent type of exhaust so you can use them with normal senzu/senzu roots
- small regeneration and regeneration have the same exhaust
- daderin changees: now without pz you can travel without exhaust, when you are in battle you have to wait 60 seconds before next travel (which means you can travel while you are pz, but you are limited 1 travel/minute)

- stamina should work more accuratly on this edition so when you don't want to waste her remember to use !stamina on/off
- stamina bank - you will have 0 hours in a bank when you are logging for the first time
- on dbko there is a command: !pvp:ignore_players_below xx
- in gravity capsule there is protection zone, but you can die from gravity, so be careful and watch your health!
- in time room there is no protection zone, so watch out on other players!
- you are allowed to use bot on classic client, but remember that you can be banned if GM will caught you while you are AFK!, so if you want to use bot remember to watch your character or have really good alarms, because we don't want to hear excuses that you were in a toilet!

With that being said there is nothing left besides wishing you all to have a great time on this edition!
Good Luck !

5 Dec 2018 - Changelog

Here are some changes, some of them are not so specific, but we tried to give the most important changes in here:

- remastered characters graphics
- god power boost technique for 500 lvl[quest]
- ultra instinct power boost technique for 600 lvl[quest]
- updated special client with new functions
- ranked budokai pvp event 1vs1
- dist skill has been removed
- new stamina system 10h per day
- new skill: train points -> you can train it in time room
- enchanted effects system -> you can buy more effects in shop and turn them on/off
- !special_effect <-- give you list of available effects for your character
- !special_effect off <-- turn off your special effect
- new PvP bless from Baba Gula -> 30% exp protection for 30 minutes
- !bless - show when your bless will end
- remastered world graphics
- rewordked planet "plant"
- a lot of new exp places and respawns
- fixed a lot of quests and other bugs
- Extra stats system, for old client use : !extra_stats - to get information how to use it, more info: here
- energy skill: here
- some changes on exhaust for potions/senzu
- some changes in items
- new special technique "Debuff" for some characters

Party/guild changes:
- when someone die in a party(3 players+) after login he will auto join the same party
- /war invite,guild name,fraglimit,money,time <-- time was changed for hours ex:
/war invite Guild of Gokus, 50, 0, 6 <-- will invite Guild of Gokus to a war with 50 frags limit or 6 hours
- !guildpartyinvite <-- command for vice-leader/leader <-- invite all your online guild members to a party who aren't in a party, cooldown 10 s
- !guildpartyinvite autojoin <-- command for vice-leader/leader <-- create party for all your guild members who aren't in a party(every player autojoin) cooldown 60 s

- new admin "Mavius" who will help with problems so you don't have to wait so long
- that is special for our latin players:
proxies from brasil, here you can change it:
here after you change it to br, just relog in a game and your ping should be a little better!

Remember to join to our discord channel where you can freely speak or chat with each other!
Sometimes you may even contact GM!

3 Dec 2018 - DBKO v10 PROMO

16 Nov 2018 - DBKO v10

5 Nov 2018 - Rewards !

Hi there!

Next edition is closer and closer!
7.12.2018 6:00 PM (GMT +01:00)

Here are TOP 5 players from previus edition:

TOP 1: 3k premium points + 30 PACC
TOP 2: 2k premium points + 30 PACC
TOP 3: 1k premium points + 30 PACC
TOP 4: 30 PACC
TOP 5: 30 PACC

Congratulations guys!

22 Oct 2018 - Edition v8 is finished!

Hi there!

Edition v8 is going to be closed on 24.10.2018
We are preparing new update for you, which will be biggg!

Date of new edition will be known by the end of October, so stay tuned!

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