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IDTypeWhereDateDescription has been changed again:
-no limits between uses
-cost 10 stamina
-duration changed from 20s to 10s players who are training on punching bags has been locked. requirements have been changed Heart can be sell for 2 golds in NPC Frodo. for level 500 have been changed to level 450. for level 400 have been changed to level 350. for dragon souls has been incressed by 5%, 15% for future majins and namekjins and 20% for future saiyans. Set items can be now sold for 100g each. has been changed from 1 to 3 sec and 14 cast. Barrier has been changed from 3 to 2 sec and 18 cast. Quest has been changed from 300lvl to 150lvl. Granade has been changed into one shot and has been buffed. Burning Storm has been changed to Target. Bang Kamehameha has been buffed. Armor atributes has been changed. Lost Saiyan Quest after Reborn with Lost Saiyan Legs and Vegetto Armor. Quest and Super Reborn Quest have been fused to one Reborn Quest., Cell and Buu monsters meele attack have been nerfed by 40%. loot problem has been fixed. regeneration has been buffed 2x more value.

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