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IDTypeWhereDateDescription Protector now reduce only 30% (70% before) of exp and it is for 400 golds in shop. for 500+ has been changed from 2x to 1x. in stage exp, 250-399 = 4x, 400-499 = 3x, 500+ = 2x. chance from MVP have been changed. MVP health have been nerfed. 350 have been changed to 300 Paralyze exhustion has been changed from 7 sec to 15 sec (test). 250 have been nerfed to 200 Food trader has been added to Depo west City Trader boots/gem have been added to Big City 400 have been nerfed to 350 350 lvl required has been changed to 300lvl doors on heaven/snake way have been nerfed can be made betwen 300 to 356 lvl of Loss price has been changed from 25g to 15g. frags have been changed from 25 to 35, weekly frags have been changed from 50 to 100, mounthly frags have been changed from 150 to unlimited. have 10% more distance damage. have 20% more exp. boots has been fixed. have less health and 2x more drop %. ball radar fixed with Bulma's help


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