Energy Skill

Skill energy can be trained 2 ways:
1) From ki attacks
- limits:
  • 60 energy skill

  • 2) In gravity room
    - Instuction:
  • You have to find gravity room
  • In the middle of the gravity room you will find set machine
  • To turn on gravity you have to write: hi/gravity/yes
  • After gravity is turned on just look around room and keep looking tiles with animations, each step on animations gives you some skill

  • - limits:
  • 150 energy skill
  • Gravity can be turn on for 30 minutes, than you will have to rest for 3.5 hours before another session
  • Turning the gravity costs you 200 zeni * you current level
  • Each step while machine is turned on costs you health, you have to be careful because you can die in there!
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